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Ethics in the real world. Since 2017 the IIA has had a requirement for members to take a 2-hour CPE course each year on the subject of ethics. This area is especially highlighted because of its key role in helping internal audit to be independent and objective.

To date there has been a lot of training on “the basics” of ethics. However, “Ethics in the Real world” moves beyond the straight-forward aspects of ethics and considers the real-world challenges that might face auditors and how they might decide what to do. It also looks at the “real world” challenges and pressures that managers face and will help auditors to look at these issues in an insightful and value adding way.

This course is offered by IIA Iceland and will take place online and on demand. The course is presented by James Paterson and will give 2-2,5 CPE points.

The live event will take place online on the afternoon of the 5th December at 14:00 UK and Reykjavík time (15:00 for the Nordic).

Price per participant online is ISK 10.000 for both the on-line and on-demand course. This course is open for all IIA members in the Nordic, you can register herefor the online event and the on demand event. The on demand event will be available few days after the live event, we will send information when the recording is available.

Example of some Internal audit challenges

Assignment planning
  • “It’s a bad time for you to audit this area right now, can you come back later”?
  • “Rather than audit us, can you do some advisory work instead”?
Assignment reporting
  • “This is a sensitive issue; do you really have to write it down? Or can you write it differently”? 
  • “Can we have a less harsh audit rating, we have just fixed this issue”.
  • “Can you give us more time to fix that issue, so we can do it properly and we are really busy at the moment”.

We will also examine best practices around business ethics programme, so that auditors can benchmark their organization. 

James Paterson

About the presenter:

James was the CAE for the AstraZeneca group from 2002-2009. Prior to that he worked in finance (group reporting and tax and corporate finance) as well as a two-year secondment to HR (responsible for various leadership development programmes and culture change initiatives after the AZ merger).

For 12 years since then he has combined his interest in audit and people development and runs training across Europe for the IIA and in-house clients, covering topics such as lean/agile auditing, root cause analysis, auditing culture and behaviour and preparing for an EQA.

He has successfully run the “Ethics in the real world” course for clients in the UK for several years, with multiple in-house trainings using this as a platform for more focused discussions especially knowing “how to draw the line” between independence and objectivity and pragmatism and flexibility.

James is currently writing a second book for J Wiley, this time on Root Cause Analysis

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